Solar panels on the roof top of houses in Derby UK

5 Solar Panels Myths Explained

The reason more folks aren’t getting solar panels to take care of their energy needs is that there’s a lot of misinformation out there. This article looks at 5 common myths and gives you the real facts behind them.

Why isn’t everybody installing solar panels and helping to save the earth? After all, this is the most economical energy source there is, and it never runs out as long as the sun keeps shining! The reason more people aren’t jumping on this trend is that there are some myths going around. Let’s just bust a few of them.

Myth – Getting solar panels is expensive. Because it’s so costly, you end up paying more for your energy needs.

Fact – Getting set up requires some installation costs, which are prohibitive to many people. This can be a turn-off. But what people don’t realize is that in a few years, they’ll be more than paying for themselves. Without a doubt, an investment in this renewable energy source is a money saver in the long term. It’s just a matter of paying for the installation upfront. One way to cut costs is to make and install them yourself.

Myth – They don’t last long. You’ll be lucky to get a few years out of them.

Fact – This is totally untrue. The fact is that most will last well over 25 years if properly maintained. The reason why this myth is so prevalent is that they’re talking about homemade ones. The ones that you can make yourself often don’t last quite as long as the manufactured ones you can buy from a dealer. Part of this is because of the improper construction. If you’re going to do it yourself, you’ve really got to know what you’re doing.

Myth – Your roof has to face the south for the solar panels to get the sunlight they need.

Fact – It can face anywhere and you’ll be able to meet all your energy needs just fine. However, for maximum efficiency south-facing roofs do work best. They also don’t have to be installed on your roof. There are lots of different models that you can install in other areas of your house and yard, depending on where the sun hits everything.

Myth – Maintenance will be a pain.

Fact – Because they don’t have any moving parts, you’ll hardly have to do any maintenance at all. You pretty much get them installed and that’s the last you hear from them. Whether homemade or store-bought, they are made to work without any problems.

Myth – You can only use them in a hot environment because they take the sun’s heat and turn it into electricity.

Fact – Actually, most types don’t use the heat from the sun. They take the light from the sun and use it to create electricity. These are called “photovoltaic” and they’re the ones you usually see used on homes. They take photons from the sun and turn them into electricity. The key ingredient is silicon, which is affected by the rays of the sun.

Solar panels are efficient, inexpensive, and earth-friendly. As more people start to realize the benefits and low cost of getting them installed, we’ll see many more houses with solar panels on the roof.

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