Half of the picture is showing solar panels and half of the picture is showing fans

Why invest in solar panels

This is one of the reasons why solar panels are spotted across the rooftops of homes. As consumers are realizing that they require a better and improved solution to meet their energy requirements, solar panels are assuming relevance and bagging the energy spotlight successfully.

Want to know why you should consider investing in solar panels? Take a quick look at the below-mentioned points to understand why solar power is the only way forward.

  • Solar panels will help to generate a considerable portion of your home’s power and eventually lower the dependency on the conventional power sources. For example, install solar panels to offer electricity just for appliances or lighting. It will lower your dependency on the utility company and curtail the electricity bill as well.
  • Since your energy consumption will be low, your home is expected to be energy efficient.
  • The decision to switching to alternative and renewable energy sources means the surplus energy generated by your solar panels can be shared with others who (urban poor) need of electricity.  
  • Net Metering policy can work in favour of homeowners using solar power. The electric meters will measure the electricity production, consumption level and calculate the difference
  • Use of solar panels can help bring down the heating bills considerably. The savings on heating costs versus the use of traditional electricity is capable of reaping significant financial rewards in the future.
  • It is a good idea to connect the water heater used at home to the solar panel. During winter power outage, taking a hot shower won’t be a problem anymore.
  • Currently, in the market, there are different DIY kits available which help to build solar panels at an affordable rate, which eventually boosts the profitability.

Industry insiders are of the belief that India as a nation enjoys a strong advantage when it comes to solar power. Many say that India is particularly suitable for solar power. While the central government is making concerted efforts to strengthen the country’s solar energy supply, it is believed that the Indian solar industry may register a handsome growth of 250% in the coming days. In simple words, India has the potential to become one of the top five solar players internationally.

Delhi-based The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) recently stated that currently, 300-million people in India do not have access to electricity. Solar power can make the life of school children much easier as it allows them to do their homework after dark and allow consumers to stay connected via mobile phones.

People around the globe are deepening their solar relationship by bolstering its use in their day-to-day affairs. Consumers are consistently looking for an alternative source of energy that fossil fuels have left. Apart from being a game-changer for global climate change, it is time for India treats solar power as a lucrative opportunity.

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Written by: Atul Singh Chaudhary